Slitting cutting machine

PRY-CHM-A4-4 (pocket) Cut Size Sheeting With Wrapping Machine
A4 copy paper sheeting and wrapping machine CHM-A4-2/4/5A4 copy paper sheeting and wrapping machine . This production line adopt the most advanced twin Rotary knife synchronize sheeting , ream wrapping and box wrapping fully automatic.
SMC-1500ZH Servo Precision Double Helix High Speed Sheet Cutter Machine With Auto Splicer&Auto Pallet Changer
Based on SM series Servo precision Double-helix High Speed Sheet Cutter Machine,the SMC-1500ZH sheet cutter machine is equipped with automatic splicer and pallet changer, which enable it realizing fully automatic operation, and embodied the intelligent and efficient technical characteristics of the machine. The max cutting speed is 300m/min, the cutting precision is ±0.1mm, it is an ideal equipment for large scale paper roll sheet cutting.

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