Printyoung post press machine is diverse in function, type, size, design and capacity to meet different customers. Printyoung printing press machine could be categorized into paper product making machine, gift box machine, folder gluer equipment, laminator machine, uv machinem book binder machine, drilling machine, puching machine, nonwoven bag maker, stiching machine and grooving machine. 

Traditional post press machine is focused on digital printing, to scale up your printing business at most, take a look and go through Printyoung post press machine on the below.

PRY-GH990 Fully Automatic Hot Drink And Beverage High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine
Our newly designed PRY-GH990 paper cup forming machine can produce different sizes of paper cups with a series of continuous process, including automatic paper feeding, paper anti-withdrawal device (to ensure accurate positioning), ultrasonic welding, transferring paper fan by robot hand, silicone oil lubricating, bottom punching, bottom folding, bottom pre-heating, bottom knurling, cup discharging. The machine researched and developed by our company is improved steadily after comprehensive technical improvements.
PRY-HBJ-D800 Automatic Different Size Hamburger Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine
HBJ-D machine is easy operation 、stable performance、low noise 、high efficiency , it is an ideal choice to produce hamburger boxes、chips boxes、 take away box, etc. All of main parts and electric control system adopts famous brand to guarantee steady working, precise positioning ,smooth running, safety and reliability operation.
Pry-sw660L  Fully Automatic Laminator
1.Paper loading plate of feeder can load to ground to load paper file easily.
Soup Bowl Cover Coffee Ice-cream Cup Lid Automatic Paper Lid/Cover Machine
The machine is easy to operate(a person), stable performance, high efficiency, it introduces the advanced technology completely, can save raw material and the energy consumption is low. It’s a preferred investment business project.The lid made by one disc paper, save cost, paper lid side folded and gentle lock on cup, can block little water out.
Automatic Gift Phone Case Making Machine
It adopts unique development philosophy to solve problems including getting dirty and scratching. Through belt-oriented chaff transmission system developed by unique professional technique, sucker manipulator transmits product on to vacuum air-transmission conveyor belt for transmission which can avoid phenomenon including surface.
PRY-1000BFT-H Upgrade Automatic Crash Lock Bottom Type Fold Gluer Machine
The machine is running steady with strengthened driving system, and it is also easy for maintenance.This gluer is widely used in processing medicine box,Wine box,Cosmetics box and Electric appliances packing box etc.
YB-1450H Servo Type Laminating Machine
This machine adopted with motion control system and servo correction system perfect combination, using multiple sets of photoelectric sensor at the end of the paper the relative position, control top paper on both sides of the servo motor independent drive compensation action, top paper and bottom paper precise positioning. Servo laminating machine has the advantages of simple operation, only need to input the size of paper can be completed automatically adjust the machine.
PRY-AEMG-1080MT Automatic Flatbed Hot Stamping/Deep Embossing Die Cutting Machine
This machine is complete design, accurate installation, high stability, high security,low noise. Its Adopt worm, worm gear, crankshaft transmission, high cutting pressure, high durability.High precision intermittent mechanism, high cutting precision, running steadily.its also Adopt European feeder, suction adjustable, stable, precise, good paper applicability.Non-stop feeding, pre-stacking and delivery mechanism can shorten the auxiliary time, improve the efficiency.
AEMG-1300V  Lead Edge Feeding Automatic Flatbed Die Cutting Machine
This machine is complete design, accurate installation, high stability, high security, low noise.High precision intermittent mechanism, high cutting precision, running steadily.Automatic paper delivery, arranging device makes delivery more convenient and neat.Adopt fixed quantity at fixed timing oil supply system, ensure the movement parts get adequately lubricated to let better durability.
PRY-1050S Die Cutting Machine Can Efficiently Complete The Die Cutting And Embossing Of Products, As Well As Maintaining The Highest Precision And Product Quality
Adopt nodular cast iron-QT500-7, the mainframe wallboard casting by special technology process, thus featuring by high strength, never deformation and ensure the safety of the mainframe wallboard.
PRY-GS800 Advance Technology High Accuracy Automatic High Speed 4 And 6 Corner Folder Gluer Machine
Its easy operation, reasonable price and wide application make it a new leap forward in the history of folder gluer. It combines a variety of folder gluer functions: straight line box, pre-fold box, crash lock bottom box and 4 and 6 Corner box. Our machine is featured by multi-function, wide application, easy operation and competitive price. Compared to older generation folder gluer, our machines simplify the complicated construction, reduce the difficulty of test run and reduce the cost. Especially for the current packaging and printing industry with tough competition, it can help to shorter delivery time and recover your invest easily. It is ideal equipment in printing industry. 
AEMG-1080Q Fully Automatic Die Cutting Machine With Stripping
AEMG-1080Q machine is adopt complete design, accurate installation, high stability, high security , low noise,it is high precision intermittent mechanism, high cutting precision ,running steadily. Adopt European technology feeder, suction adjustable, steadily, precise, good paper applicability Non -stop feeding ,pre-stacking and delivery device can shorten the auxiliary time,improve the efficiency.

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